Messengers of Peace North Sulawesi & Scout Saka Wira Kartika Korem 131/Satiago "GO GREEN SULUT"

1. General          In the context of enhancing and developing the potential of young people through good organizational containers that grow from the community as well as those established by the government. Scouts as container management and development potential of young people to be a forum for Military 131/Stg in implementing human resource development among the youth and implement environment through fostering a love that Scouting is a program of work in the field of territorial Military Quarter 131/Santiago - II TA. 20132. Purpose and Objectives.a. Intent. Provide an overview of the public, especially the younger generation in the state will merespect current environment caused by the lack of greenery. b. Purpose. As inputs to the Government or related agencies to be more concerned about the environment and that element - the element of the cause of damage to the environment to quickly overcome or reduced.3. Basic implementation. a. Act - Act Republic of Indonesian No. 12 thun 2010 on the Scout Movement. b. Commander Decision VII / WRB No. Kep ​​/ 01 / I / 2013 dated January 3, 2013 on the Programme of Work and Budget Kodam VII / WRB TA Territorial Affairs. 2013.c. Commander Warrant VII / WRB Sprint No. / 287 / II / 2013 dated 13 February 2013 on the orders to carry out activities within the Scouting Unit Development Military ranks 131/Stg TA. 2013.d. Work Program and Budget Korem 131/Stg TA. 2013 Field Territorial Development especially Scouting.e. Scouts Work Program Saka Wira Kartika Sulut Year 2013.                                    II. ACTIVITIES 4. Goals and Objectives. a. Purpose. Scout Movement coaching makes Saka Wira Kartika as an effort in participation Satkowil Korem 131/Stg Bela conducting state through Scouting to young people so that they can take part in improving service to the nation and the state are manifested in behavior that will increase awareness and participation for involved in State-Defense system and a sense of love for the environment.  b. Target. 1) Organization of the Scouting movement can do their job properly and supported by the participation of all related institutions as well as all components of the nation. 2) Increasing number of young men and women and children who want to participate in Scouting activities that are not directly reawakened following the Scouting movement. 3) The establishment of an environment that will understand and be willing Scouting Scouting is active in coaching in the framework of State-Defense. 6. Material. Coaching Scouting activities Saka Wira Kartika Korem 131/Stg include:1) Afforestation / Tree Planting.2) Outbound. 3) Work environment clean Bakti    . 
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