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Good governance trainings for incoming Regional Scout Committees

Every 3 years new volunteers are elected to the Regional Committees (“Boards”) of WOSM, which are charged with the governance oversight over the Regional Office and the implementation of the strategic lines set out by the Regional Conferences. Newly elected members come from a variety of background and cultures, with some better prepared to a Board role than others. For WOSM’s governance to work on a world-level standard – and to function as a lighthouse to its National Scout Organisations – it is crucial these incoming Boards are trained well so they understand their responsibilities and agree on a common set of principles as to how they function. Based on this a clear need was identified to develop best practices with regard to the induction of Regional Scout Committees and replicate them around the world. The goal of this project was to equip the first Regional Committee to be elected this Triennium (the Africa Committee) through a workshop with the necessary skills to perform as a high-quality governance Board. Subsequently the lessons learnt were collected and will be made available and replicated in the other WOSM Regions.
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