Gerakan Pramuka Captures Eorupean Summit With Pancasila Banner, Dasa Darma Pramuka and Visit Indonesia

Gerakan Pramuka Captures Eorupean Summit With Pancasila Banner, Dasa Darma Pramuka and Visit Indonesia

Climber team from Kwarnas Gerakan Pramuka and Vanaprastha capture the peak of Eiger, Switzerland (3970 m) and Grands Montets (3233 m), France with banner Pancasila, Dasa Darma Pramuka and Visit Indonesia. The plan is on Saturday September 9, 2017 or Monday September 11, 2017, the team went on to the summit of Mont Blanc (4810 m) which is the highest peak in Western Europe, all dependent on the weather. The expedition was titled "BRI –Gerakan Pramuka - Vanaprastha for Merah Putih (Indonesian flag), Promot Indonesia at the Top of the World. "Besides aiming to raise Indonesian flags, Pramuka and Vanaprastha also take pictures and make videos about Pancasila, Dasa Darma Pramuka and Visit Indonesia.This is all part of the Program Promotion Indonesia At the Top of the World" explained Adhyaksa Dault Chairman of Kwarnas Gerakan Pramuka from Chamonix, France (8/9). Adhyaksa Dault added, usually we just raising Indonesian flag and organization logo. Now for the first time we take pictures with banners Pancasila, Dasa Darma Pramuka, Visit Indonesia and Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. The oldest climbers in this expedition are Hidayat Hasan (61), Gembong Tawang Alun (59 Years Old) and Former Minister of Agriculture, Anton Apriyantono (58 Years) The climb to Mont Blanc is done with careful preparation. All members of the team have done various physical and mental exercises. "Not all can come, because it concerns salvation, even life, we also risk the name of Indonesia," said Adhyaksa. "There is nothing instant in the climb, even if the climber is experienced, practice should not forget. We routinely ascend Mount GedePangrango and physical exercise to raise the VO2Max level. We also climb Mount Fansipan, Vietnam, and Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia as the final training session, "explained Former Menpora 2004-2009 who has climbed 60 of this mountain. Meanwhile, Corporate Secretary of Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Hari Siaga Amijarso revealed that BRI as the main supporter viewed this expedition as a positive activity of Indonesian young generation in international level, so it is expected to bring the name of the nation. The spirit of the climbers is considered in harmony with the spirit of Bank BRI who always wanted to be a pioneer who dared to face various challenges, always want to reach the highest peak performance. Hopefully, the support of Bank BRI on this ascent can spur the young generation to continue the name of the nation. "The Scout Movement is closely related to character education. Therefore, BRI Bank performs function as national capacity building, supporting the activities organized by KwranasGerakanPramuka, "he said. Hari Siaga Amijarso hopes, young generation who participate in the Scout Movement can form the personality and character of the fearful to God, tough, disciplined, virtuous, and personality according to the values of the nation. Here are some climbing preparations that have been done: 1) Routine exercise once a month to climb Mount GedePangrango (2958 mdpl); 2) Cliff climbing routine exercise on the via ferrata route, Mount Parang, Purwakarta; 3) Jogging every Sunday morning in Bogor's free area and the top of Bogor, as well as regular exercise every afternoon in the rock climbing area, festival market, Jakarta and various climbing boards elsewhere; and 4) Ascent to the top of Mount Fansipan, Vietnam (3.143 mdpl). Here are the names of 18 members of the Expedition Team to Mont Blanc: 1) Adhyaksa Dault, Chairman of Kwarnas Scout Movement (54 Th); 2) Gembong Tawang Alun, Expedition Team Leader (59 Th); 3) Anton Apriyantono, Former Minister of Agriculture (58 years); 4) Hidayat Hassan (61 Th); 5) Ariesto Edwin (56 th); 6) Tumpak Simanjuntak (57 Th); 7) Popo Nurakhman (37 Th); 8) Soewarjono Lempo (39 Th) 9) Edi Karyudi (44 Th); 10) Eko Sulistio (44 Th); 11) M. Syanusi (29 Th); 12) Karsiman (33 Th); 13) M. Fairus (28 Th); 14) Norman (35 Th); 15) Wiyanto Suharjo (53 Th); 16) Sari Madjid (55 Th); 17) dr. Adhyrusman, Doctor (53 Th); 18) Hariqo Wibawa Satria (35 Th).
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