Education of Trainers and Leaders in National Scout Association of Moldova

The main Project Purpose was capacity building of new Scout leaders and Trainers of NSAM. Objective 1: To create a new Trainer-pool with experienced Trainers, who are able to develop and implement quality Training activities in scouting. Objective 2: To equip Scout Leaders with Skills and Tools to manage educational Events for Children and young people. The results achieved within this project are significant for each participant and for the entire NSA Moldova. Thus: - 12 Trainers have attended and successfully completed a 3 trainer-trainings lead by Danish Scout professionals; - 12 Trainers were Educated, Inspired and Engaged to continue their own Education as well as developing and performing Education in NSAM; - There was achieved a good cooperation between young trainers and more experienced one; - The current project involved trainers of different ages, with different professional backgrounds, with huge experience in scouting or not, but with great potential; - The work that 12 scout trainers have made before, during the project and after was officially recognized at national level by handing them a National Trainer Certificate and Badges. Most of the trainers waited this moment for a long time. - The new Trainer-team has entirely planned, performed and evaluated 2 Leader-Trainings within the Project: one Theoretically that took place on 01-03 November 2013 in Chisinau and one Practical deployed on 17-19 May 2013 at Sadova camp village. - 24 persons have attended both trainings within the Project: one Theoretical that took place on 01-03 November 2013 in Chisinau and another Practical deployed on 17-19 May 2013 at Sadova camp village and were provided equipment and materials necessary for organizing their own work in their scout group. - All 24 persons received a certificate and badges confirming their position as Scout Leaders within NSA Moldova. - Of those, 20 scout leaders have their own group or patrol and are working actively with them; - Thanks to this project, besides the existing groups, in 2013 year there have been created 4 new scout groups in different regions of Moldova and that have already started being very active: Name of the group Leader Name Location “ANDROMEDA” Pavel Plamadeala Chisinau municipality and Ciorescu village “TRUSAN” Maria Cioaric and Vasile Cioaric Truseni village “IZVORAS” Ana Lazar Telenesti county “EAGLES” Radu Tulei Stefan Voda county, Crocmaz village - 20 project participants(leaders) took part at the National Jamboree as scout leaders with their own groups, and other 4 participants were involved as volunteers by organizing different workshops for 600 children from all over Moldova; - Regarding the performance of other educational events for children we’ve started to develop more scout groups in the Center of Moldova (Chisinau Municipality) because there was a very stringent need of scout leaders and groups in this region. Thanks to this project we’ve started organizing informative meetings in schools for children aged between 7 and 12 years old. Project team, new leaders and rovers organized already 3 this kind of meetings in school no.83 from Chisinau, school from Truseni village and school from Ciorescu village. So thanks to our motivated leaders through this project, at the moment we’ve signed collaboration agreements with this school in providing non-formal activities based on the scout method. - There have been issued 200 leaflets in both languages (Romanian and English) that were distributed in the NSAM branches to other potential leaders for future trainings in 2014. The English variant was used as a promotional tool at regional (Eurasia NSOs meeting in Yalta, June 2013) and international events (1st World Scout Educational Congress) when presenting the successful collaboration with DDS and good project results. The impact was a very positive one, as scouts from other countries were impressed by the results achieved within this project. - There have been issued 400 booklets (NSAM contribution) with information about the project events, photos, interviews. These informative booklets (named “Cercetasul”) have been distributes to all scout groups from Moldova through the branch commissionaires and leaders.
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