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Did you ever wonder how does it feel to be far away from home, with little or no chances of returning to your home country? How does it feel, being a stranger everywhere you go? People in Asylum Home in Ljubljana know that feeling very well. They left their home, hoping to find a place for better life, a place, where they could run away from war and violence, where they could live in peace. A place, where people wouldn't persecute them because of their race, sex, political or religious beliefs. Some of them even left their families, searching for job to provide enough money for them, and others brought their partners and children with them too. Slovenia wasn't the desired destination for everybody, most of them actually wanted to start a new life in other countries, like Switzerland, Germany, UK... But the circumstances weren't on their side so they had to put their plans aside and stay here. Slovenian scouts decided to visit them, show them some of our skills and our way of life. Those are all objectives of the project Days of Social Responsibility: presenting scouting activities to those who otherwise wouldn't have the access to them. We were also curious to find out about how they live and hear some of their stories. So on 12th December eleven of us met in front of the Asylum Home, quickly checked if we got all the equipment we needed for the program, and we were ready to start! Just as we entered, kids started gathering around us, a bit shy, but very interested in us. So we took them to the yard and we put up two tents and they really enjoyed it! In fact, they were so good in paying attention at setting up the first tent that they put up the second one almost all by themselves! After that, we played a game of chasing, called »Cat vs. mouse«, and we had a good laugh, watching how inventive they were at chasing each other. It was getting cold outside (though it wasn't snowing yet, and still, no snow in Slovenia!), so we got back in, where we danced a little, played some more scout games, like Horse racing, »Tumči tutumči«, and in the end we had a memory game tournament (the boy who won the game has had more pairs than all the others – together!), which turned out to be more fun than we expected! The day was coming to an end. We designed a poster about scouting which will decorate the »hang–out« room, and had a little debate about the day – we concluded that people were much more communicative than we thought they would be and it was a positive surprise! However, we are planning another Day of Social Responsibility soon! Until then: »Leave this world a little better than you found it« (Baden Powell). [Written by: SARA S., RTR; Pictures by: URŠA D., RBS.]
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