Days of Social Responsibility
Jay-Ar Catabona

Days of Social Responsibility

The scouts of Ljubljana decided to brighten up a day to children and teenagers with special needs. The goal was to involve them in scouting activities and talk to them about the Scout movement. That is why on 2nd April 2014 we visited the Center of Janez Levec where children and teenagers stay during the week if they are schooled away from their home. We did many fun things together like building-up a tent and constructing a tripod, learning about first aid, practicing semaphore flag signaling and playing different games. The children and teenagers were very lively and they showed quite a lot of interest in scouts. We spent two hours together and around 6 p.m. we said goodbye to each other because it was dinner time in the Center. The scouts agreed that this was a well spent afternoon and an enriching and powerful new experience.
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