Jitesh Sheth

Christmas Sunday Special

With the month of Christmas coming in, the troop wanted to do something for the experienced morning walkers at the park where troop meetings are conducted. The intent was to take them by a pleasant surprise. There were patrol discussions conducted as to how we can actually do the job. The outcome of which is as follows: 1. Can we give them flowers - A costly affair though considering the cost of flowers and number of recipients 2. Some chocolates to begin the day with Santa distributing it 3. Clean up of the park will give them a better place to spend time 4. Put up a notice board at a place where it is evident. Notice board to contain thought for the day and a joke to begin their day with a laugh Scouts then brain stormed and concluded on the following new features being included 1. Instead of giving flowers to individuals, let us decorate the seats with some flowers that are available in the garden itself avoiding cost being incurred. This should still serve the purpose 2. Chocolates to be distributed 3. Clean up of park with the help of those who are responsible for the maintenance of garden. Also check if there is more that can be done in landscaping 4. Check with authorities on the location where the notice board can be placed. Also ensure to have it positioned well allowing easy access. Above actions were distributed among four patrols for execution Finally the day arrived when the first instance of change was to be experienced by the morning walkers. Scouts were really excited and had assembled much earlier than usual - 6.00 am. Earlier they had done a good job of cleaning up the place, placing the notice board in a way that it should not be obvious of what it is, hand made Santa's bag to put chocolates in. On the day they did collect the flowers and placed it beautifully at the arm rests of all the seats available with a small note : "Please do not disturb me, just appreciate my beauty" The notice board now had the content and boys were all eager to see the reaction. Initial visitors possibly still sleepy did not realize this until one of the scouts greeted them and asked for their input just to see a broad smile with words in Kannada "Channagide" - Which means it is good. Further as people started flocking in we could really see the smile we were waiting for. We felt happy while we awaited a feedback. This was through a group of laughter club members who walked down to us, thanked us and said "Devaru nimmannu channagi ittirali, nimminda dina channagi shuruvagide" - Which means God bless you. Because of you the day has begun well. This went on for the following three weeks making the festive season really interesting. A sense of satisfaction and achievement was evident thus serving the purpose.
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