59th JOTA & 20th JOTI
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59th JOTA & 20th JOTI

59th JOTA & 20th JOTI. Internet is the impotent for every scouts. I think JOTA & JOTI are the very impotent for every scouts. The Internet has had an enormous impact on Scouting. The JOTA & JOTI has also made friendly communication far. On any jamboree many scouts can meet on the one place. But every scouts can't participate on jamboree for some problem. Like money, time, etc. But on JOTA [Jamboree On The Air] & JOTI [Jamboree On The Internet] any scout can participate. 1 scout can meet too many scout by Internet and Air. From his House, School, Collage University, Office any where. They can share his or her scouting history, culture, play game, many thing. For a digital world need digital scouting. Scouts can doing digital camp fire on internet. JOTA & JOTI is a platform for get involved to meet scouts and guides on online. This is official event of the World Organization of the Scout Movement. 84 scouts and 60 rovers from Bangladesh Scout, Chandpur district participate on this 59th JOTA & 20th JOTI. They was come in from 9 different scouts group. I'm JotaJoti2016 station operator of Bangladesh Scout, Chandpur district. We will meet with 7 country scouts, 9 different scouts groups by Skype and we will meet with 18 country scouts, 28 different scouts groups by Scouts Link. Country name is INDIA, NAMIBIA, INDONESIA, JAPAN, PHILIPPINE, SWITZERLAND, AUSTRALIA, PAKISTAN, NEW ZEALAND, TURKEY, CANADA, BANGLADESH, DENMARK, AFRICA, MALAYSIA, PUERTO, OMAN and ENGLAND. We will collect 25 JID. Our collected JID is 1NA14K, 31N38Q, 3ID47K, 3PH28T, 5CH40M, 3BD62T, 31D65T, 3AU27K, 3PK23P, 3NZ23S, 2LB37B, 2AC54M, 3BD21M, 3BD62T, D1DASA, 5N059U, 3NZ23S, 5MT68K, 3BD49N, 1SN65L, 6US55K, 3MY65S, 6U555K, 5GB221, 3JP12L, 3JP33A. Our scouts participate on digital camp fire. Our scouts enjoyed talking with different country scouts. 14 - 16 this 3 days was imagine time for our scouts. It was great felling. Great moment. OUR SKYPE IS : hasan.bd30 Amateur Radio Call Sing:S21HQ JID: 3BD20A
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