1st Online Cub Scout Proficiency Badge Course

Event Name: 1st Online Cub Scout Proficiency Badge Course Organized by: Bangladesh Scouts, Program Division ----------------- Date: 1-22 May 2020 Place: Google Meet and www.facebook.com/bdscouts ----------------- Trainee: 165 x 9 courses Trainer+Staff= 10 ----------------- Description: The activity was implemented virtually through Bangladesh Scouts’ official Facebook page (www.fb.com/bdscouts). Each day from 1 to 9 May 2020, a pre-recorded video covering one of the following 9 proficiency badges were uploaded in that page and shared throughout our official communication channels: Public Health badge, Security badge, Health Awareness badge, Child Right badge, House Keeping badge, Computer badge, Wood Craft badge, Nature & Environment badge, and Weather badge. In total, 9 episodes were uploaded. On average, each episode had 977 views on Facebook. Later, Cub Scouts went through an evaluation for each badge on 11-22 May 2020. After passing the evaluation, total 1263 Cub Scouts were awarded with the certificate of participation. The activity was organized by National Cub Scout Program Review Task Force under the patronage of the Program Division of Bangladesh Scouts. This activity was intended for the Cub Scouts of Bangladesh. https://www.facebook.com/bdscouts/videos/1504448713065424/ https://www.facebook.com/bdscouts/videos/2609833435905504/ https://www.facebook.com/bdscouts/videos/2589749114613792/ https://www.facebook.com/bdscouts/videos/533706263985075/ https://www.facebook.com/bdscouts/videos/239131427304155/ https://www.facebook.com/bdscouts/videos/518565415485873/ https://www.facebook.com/bdscouts/videos/527174604641620/ https://www.facebook.com/bdscouts/videos/235440111227267/ https://www.facebook.com/bdscouts/videos/283058719381983/
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