On the waves of optimism

On the waves of optimism

On the waves of optimism

Eventually our long-awaited trip has become. On the beginning of the October we planned the grand tour called the rafting. During the year we built the hand-made raft. It was  constructed  from  sticks and  inflated  plastic bags.

We were floating about 40 kilometers per 4 days. Despite a fact that our float had has broken on the thirt day we didnt  loose an opimism and moral spirit. On the way we met problems in the river  there were  snags, piersed float's ballons   We were food for lot of moscitos and gadflies but we were't any complained and whined! 
Also we watched amazing shores with frogs, turtiles,  lilies and dragonflies.  I enjoed jumping into the river from  the bridge, espesially with boys  as a cartridge trick.

It was memorable adventure.

I thankful my leaders and  scouts company!