Highlights from the 6th Regular Meeting of the World Scout Committee
Joao Armando

Highlights from the 6th Regular Meeting of the World Scout Committee

Dear friends, The 6th regular meeting of the 2014-2017 World Scout Committee (WSC) was held from 23-26 March at the World Scout Bureau Global Support Centre, Kuala Lumpur. It was attended by 19 WSC members, six Youth Advisors, key WSB staff and one guest. As this was the last meeting of the triennium, the 2014-2017 Triennial Plan was a key focus of the meeting agenda, along with preparations for the 2017-2020 Triennial Plan. Importantly, this was also the first WSC meeting of the new Secretary General, Ahmad Alhendawi. During the meeting, he also had the opportunity to renew his Scout Promise in a very meaningful ceremony. Triennial Plans The first day of the meeting was mainly spent on reviewing the developments of the 2014-2017 Triennial Plan. Members of the respective Work Streams, Task Forces and Committees presented on the achievements, challenges and progress that was made in the past three years. Despite time, manpower and financial constraints, most the actions planned were implemented and others are progressing well. In preparation of the upcoming triennium, three separate sessions focusing on the 2017-2020 Triennial Plan were held on each day of the meeting, which included a presentation, plenary discussion and buzz groups. Following its endorsement by the WSC, the objectives of the next Triennial Plan will be considered at the upcoming 41st World Scout Conference in Baku, Azerbaijan. Biannual Report The key accomplishments at the World and Regional levels during the July-December 2016 period were presented by the Secretary General. He highlighted the work that was done towards strengthening WOSM’s delivery of Vision 2023 through focusing on the Strategic Priorities and thanked the volunteers and WSB staff for their tireless efforts. Messengers of Peace During the meeting, the WSC was presented with an update of the Messengers of Peace (MoP) initiative. It included the approval, in the last six months, of 29 new projects and the awarding of USD1,116,047 worth of funding to these projects as well as the MoP Hero Award ceremony that was held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in November 2016. Seventeen Scouts from 17 different NSOs of every WOSM Region were honoured at the ceremony which was presided by His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. WSB Financial Statements The WSB’s audited consolidated financial statements of 2015-2016 were approved. Scout Method The results of the work on revisiting the Scout Method to accurately reflect 21st century developments and the World Youth Programme Policy was presented and endorsed by the WSC; these will be considered at the 41st World Scout Conference. Strategy for Communications and Strategic Engagements The Strategy for Communications and Strategic Engagements (CSE) was approved by the WSC, paving the way for the Movement to develop better ways to tell Scouting’s story and establish meaningful partnerships in support of the Strategy for Scouting and Vision 2023. World Adults in Scouting Policy – revision The World Adults in Scouting Policy was revised over the last six months to better reflect and strengthen the connection between Adults in Scouting, the Youth Programme and other key strategic areas, such as Diversity and Inclusion. The revised policy was discussed and endorsed by the WSC. Diversity and Inclusion Position Paper The Diversity and Inclusion Position Paper, which was also endorsed by the WSC, was presented with the aim of highlighting the importance of Diversity and Inclusion as one of the six Strategic Priorities of WOSM, and to support NSOs that are implementing national policies and strategies on Diversity and Inclusion. Membership The WSC was updated with the latest census data of WOSM membership and given a report on NSOs applications, some that have been approved and others that will be presented to the 41st World Scout Conference. World Events The WSC welcomed the report from the JOTA-JOTI team and noted that the event in 2016 had more than 1,400,000 participants from 156 NSOs. They also heard of the plans to celebrate 60 years of JOTA-JOTI in 2017 and to substantially increase participation in the next three years. The 15th World Scout Moot, set to be the largest Moot to date, is looking forward to having 5,000 participants (50/50 female-male ratio) from over 100 countries, with large contingents coming from the United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland and Brazil. The Scouts of Azerbaijan are working hard to host more than 1,000 delegates of the 41st World Scout Conference this August. The WSC discussed much of the preparatory work such as the documentation and resolutions to be taken forward to the Conference. The registration system is now open for both the Conference and the Youth Forum. The WSC also received the latest updates on the preparations for the 24th World Scout Jamboree in North America in 2019. Rover Scout Centenary The WSC endorsed the proposal to support and collaborate with NSOs to celebrate the Rover Scout Centenary in 2018 as part of the efforts to innovate Scouting and to strengthen Scouting’s profile. WSC and Sustainability During the meeting, efforts were made to reduce waste and paper use. The printing of documents was made available upon requests and the use of plastic bottles and individual means of transportation were stopped, among other things. To be consistent with the Sustainability Guidelines that were approved mid-triennium, more vegetarian meals were offered, limiting substantially the environmental impact of WSC meetings. Find out more about it here. Secretary General’s Plan for the WSB The WSC was presented with a plan by the Secretary General to revitalise the “One WSB” concept through seven operational objectives and 50 action items moving forward. His comprehensive plan was received very positively by the WSC. Conclusion The productive three-day meeting concluded on a high note and positive outlook for the Movement. Both the WSC and WSB teams will continue to enhance efforts to reach out to young people and to create positive impact in their lives. They will come together again at the 41st World Scout Conference, preparations of which are well underway. Should you have any comments and/or questions, please do not hesitate to contact Lee Dong-Wook, Global Director of Communications and External Relations, World Scout Bureau, at dw.lee@scout.org. Yours in Scouting, João Armando Gonçalves Chairperson, World Scout Committee
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