Back from the World Scout Committee induction meeting at TMR Scout Camps - USA
Maeed Zahir

Back from the World Scout Committee induction meeting at TMR Scout Camps - USA

I just spend the weekend at Ten Mile River (TMR) Scout Camps of the Greater New York Council of Boy Scouts of America taking part in the World Scout Committee Induction Meeting. TMR Scout Camps is located in the middle of the Catskills Mountains, which is a 12,000-acre Scout Reservation. Practicing Scout Method, the committee took to the nature, sleeping in dormitory cabins and enjoying S'more at campfire. Two months after being handed over the task of governing the World Scout Movement all 27 members of the World Scout Committee (12 Elected members, 6 Regional Chairpersons and 6 Youth Advisors) attended this 3 day induction meeting from 17th - 19th October 2014, which was facilitated by Pamela Lupton-Bowers, Founder and Managing Director PLB Consulting Ltd, and Jim Turley, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (RTD) Ernst & Young. Members of the Committee spend much time understanding each other and their roles as a committee. Team building and sharing expectations and thoughts were part of the meeting while the committee discussed on working methods, understanding different tasks ahead and its responsibilities keeping in mind the new Vision of the movement. Myself and the other 5 Youth Advisors were able to understand more on how the World Scout Committee, the Regions as well as the World Scout Bureau works and operates. We also took time to hold a series of our own meeting getting to bond stronger than before and discussing our roles as Youth Advisors. I am sure all the Youth Advisors, and of course even all other members of the World Scout Committee left TMR Scout Camps with a better understanding of each other, motivated to do more to create a better world. Photos on my Facebook:
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