The Wellness of a Scout Leader

The wellness of all members in Scouting is critical. This is especially the case for our adults as sometimes our focus is strongly on the young people in our units, that we forget the importance of all those who are supporting them. The wellbeing of adults is critical in delivering authentic Scouting so that young people can receive the tailored assistance which they require. The Adults in Scouting (AiS) life cycle provides a great framework for supporting the wellbeing of all adult members.

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أكثر من 6 مليون ساعة تطوع تحققها الكشافة العربية في مواجهة جائحة كوفيد -19

تقرير جهود الجمعيات الكشفية العربية في مواجهة جائحة كوفيد – 19

إن مـا تضمنـه هـذا التقريـر مـن جهـود مـا هي إلا مجـرد لمحـات مـن عمـل كبير وشـاق، سـيخلده تاريـخ الحركـة الكشـفية عـلى مسـتوى العـالم، ولا سيما الكشـافة العربيـة.حيث شهد العالم خلال العام الماضي نقطة تحول كبيرة، بظهور خطر داهم يهدد البشرية دون تمييز بين الدول والأفراد، فالكل مهدد بنفس الخطر، ألا وهو جائحة كوفيد-19.

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GPS - The Guide to Youth Programme in Scouting

The GPS is designed to support National Scout Organisations to create a new or review an existing Youth Programme. It’s an invitation to NSO’s Leadership to have a continuous approach and motivation to improve their educational offer, as a response to the needs and aspirations of young people and the challenges in our contemporary society.

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WOSM Complaints Policy

The purpose of the WOSM Complaints Policy is to ensure that a complaint is addressed in a fair, transparent, and just manner, as well as to provide WOSM an opportunity to learn and improve its operations and performance through critical review of feedback.

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Vulnerability Matrix

This vulnerability assessment can be used by any adult volunteer and simplifies the assessment of local, national and regional vulnerabilities and associated risk within the communities and organisation. The criteria will enable NSO’s to make relevant assessments of their localities, as well as supporting an understanding of common vulnerabilities increased or identified as a result of covid19, but is not limited to this setting.

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