Kudumail 80 Feb

We are happy to share with you the Feb 2020 issue of Kudumail, the Africa Scout Region newsletter. In case you missed the previous issue you can access it at Enjoy your reading.

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World Non-fromal Education Forum Report - 2019

The final report for the first World Non-Formal Education Forum held in December 2019 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is now ready for release! National Scout Organizations are encouraged to refer to this report, and use the Rio Declaration and Big 6 Joint Position in their advocacy efforts.

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Este documento apresenta o modelo de governança da OMME, o marco regulador que o sustenta e os princípios que o governam, cujo conhecimento e implementação são de responsabilidade de todas as pessoas que integram os órgãos de governo ou as equipes executivas da organização em qualquer nível, seja mundial, regional ou nacional.

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En ce document on présente le modèle de gouvernance de l’OMMS, le cadre réglementaire qui le soutient et les principes qui le régissent, dont la connaissance et l’implémentation sont responsabilité de chaque personne intégrant les organes directeurs ou les équipes exécutives de l’organisation quelque soit le niveau, soit mondial, régional ou national.

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Modelo de Gobernanza de la OMMS

En este documento se presenta el modelo de gobernanza de la OMMS, el marco regulatorio que lo sustenta, y los principios que lo rigen, cuyo conocimiento e implementación es responsabilidad de todas las personas que integren los órganos de gobierno o los equipos ejecutivos de la organización en cualquier nivel, ya sea mundial, regional o nacional.

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Governance Model of WOSM

This document presents the governance model of the WOSM, the regulatory framework that sustains it, and the principles that govern them, whose knowledge and implementation is the responsibility of all the people who integrate the organs of government or the executive teams of the organization at any level, whether global, regional or national.

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